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Your Local Library

Drop in,

you may be surprised at what we have to offer



History of our library

Whickham hasn’t always had its own library – originally Brompton House on Ravensworth Terrace in Dunston housed the library services for Dunston, Swalwell and Whickham.  Books would be sent around the communities on a mobile book van, and a ‘pop-up’ library opened for a few hours a week in local halls.


When Whickham did get its own library, it was housed in various places; at one point it was in a room in The Hermitage at the West end of the Front Street.  In 1968 the library got its own building in Chase Park.  As the population of Whickham grew, with the building of new housing estates the management of the sub-libraries was transferred from Dunston to Whickham, becoming a divisional library.


Whickham Front Street was developed as a shopping centre, and a new purpose-built library was included in the plans.  The library as we know it now was opened on 26th September 1975.


In 2017 Gateshead Council reorganized the provision of libraries in the Gateshead area, as part of that reorganisation Whickham Library became a Volunteer Library.  In July of that year the library re-opened now staffed by a team of approximately 50 volunteers, Whickham Volunteer Library Association was born and, on the 23 April 2018, became a Charitable Incorporated organisation registered with the Charity Commission

Whickham Volunteer Library Association

The WVLA (Whickham Volunteer Library Association) has a superb group of volunteers who have worked with great enthusiasm to maintain and develop our library provision in Whickham.

As we move forward into the 2022, we will be, hopefully putting some of our planned improvement into action.

as well as taking on greater responsibility for the running and funding of our library.


We rely on you to tell us how we are doing, how we can improve and to offer your support by using this facility within the heart of your community. Without your support, and the money you have helped us to raise, we could not provide a library for our village.  We look forward to seeing you in the library, please bring along your friends, family and neighbors.


Thank you to everyone and we look forward to our fifth birthday in July.

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Want to borrow our books

Once you have your green library card, you can use it to:


  • Borrow up to 20 books for 21 days.

  • Borrow audio books for 21 days.

  • Borrow magazines.

  • Reserve books from other volunteer libraries in Gateshead.

  • Once borrowed, books can be renewed by bringing them back in person, or (up to four times) by telephone.

Need to use a Computer

The library has a number of computers for library members to


  • Use the internet without charge.

  • Use our printing services.

  • Access Microsoft Office Suite

  • Scan Documents

  • Use the Photo Copier

  • Fax facilities are available

  • Volunteer assistance is available

Note: A small charge will be raised for some of these services

Use our Community Room

The room is equipped with tables and chairs, with electric points for connection of laptops and audio-visual equipment. There is a large projector screen on one wall.


Toilet facilities (including disabled toilet) are available. There is plenty of nearby public parking.


Refreshments can be made available by request.


If you would like more information please contact us at:


Opening hours

Mon          0900 - 1700

Tues          0900 - 1700

Wed          0900 - 1300

Thur          0900 - 1900

Fri             0900 - 1600

Sat            0900 - 1300



This is our library

Our Volunteers work hard to produce a library that the community can be proud of and with your help we hope to maintain this resource for you and your children for many more years to come.

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